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Pablo Machuca

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Recharging Planning for Micro-Robot Swarm Systems

Recharging Planning for Micro-Robot Swarm Systems
person in charge:Waqaas Munawar & Alexander Kettler & Dr. Jian-Jia Chen


In the last years, the target of many researchers has been to create simple robots able to perform coordinated tasks which could not be accomplished by a single robot. This field of robotics is known as swarm, which is based on the observation of social insects. In order to perform this, researchers encounter many problems when developing hardware that will allow a robot capable of simulating the behavior of swarm. The biggest challenge is to provide the robots with autonomy, because the robot must be aware of its battery needs in order to stay alive. The Wanda robot, the robot that we use in this thesis, it has the same problem. This thesis looks foward to extending the life of a single Wanda and, consequently, of a group of Wanda robots. To achieve this we have designed four algorithms, such that the Wanda robots can remain in operation and share a recharging station. An experimental bottom-up approach has been adopted in order to test various strategies to manage collective self-sufficiency, which rely upon low-level mechanisms such as non-direct communication and non-complex decision making. The algorithms designed are tested in DiScoBoTs simulator, that it is adapted for each algorithm. In addition we model a virtual battery that works as the real.

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