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Computation Offloading

Computation Offloading
type: Seminar (S)
chair: Chair of Micro Hardware Technologies for Automation
semester: SS 2012

40.28 Raum 001


14:00-15:00 on 18.04.2012

start: 18.04.2012

Anas Toma
Prof. Dr. Jian-Jia Chen

sws: 2
ects: 2
lv-no.: 24838

The advancement of embedded systems which are used in various areas such as robots and mobile devices makes such devices very popular, especially with the increase of their facilities, they can provide various computation-intensive services and applications including video processing, image understanding and voice recognition. However, the resource limitations in computation capabilities, battery life and storage size restrict performing all complex computations and tasks on top of these small devices, or even they require more execution time and then may exceed deadlines for real-time applications. A part of the application can be ported to more powerful computers to solve this problem, this mechanism is called computation offloading.

The idea of computation offloading is to load a section of application execution (called a task) to powerful processing units such as servers or clouds, in order to improve the performance, increase the quality of service, achieve more stringent real-time performance requirement, and extend the battery life.

In this seminar we will survey the existing researches in the field of computation offloading and concentrate on real-time applications in both robots and mobile devices. Also, we will study, analyze and compare the state of the art offloading mechanisms.

A maximum number of 10 participants are allowed. Each of them will be expected to go through the relevant literature and prepare a scientific report of about 15 pages (2500 words) on the assigned topic and present the findings through a presentation of 20 minutes in the end of the course. All the presentations will be held at the end of the semester in block form. The date for presentations will be intimated duly. The topics will be allocated in the first meeting.

Most of the administrative issues will be addressed in the first meeting on 18 Apr 2012 at 14:00 in seminar room of IPR (room 001 in Bldg. 40.28). Additional information is available online at the website of the institute. Any further queries or clarifications can be directed to Anas Toma (room -104 in Bldg. 40.28).